Medical Insurance Companies & Informations

Medical Insurance Companies & Informations

ASCA - RME - EGK - Visana recognized

As an ASCA/RME/EGK/Visana-recognized therapist, part of the cost of a treatment* may be reimbursed by the majority of the complementary medical insurance companies.

Payment of fees for treatment is separate from potential insurance refunds. Insurers may require supplementary information as to the need for the treatments. Questions of exemption and/or percentages not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the client, who should check with his/her insurer what treatment(s) it recognises and what percentage will be reimbursed.

* Recognized for classic and therapeutic massage and/or reflexology/reflexotherapy.

List of insurance companies which recognise ASCA / RME


  • All consultations are subject to professional confidentiality
  • In order to keep our prices affordable, any appointment not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charge
  • Your appointment time starts at the commencement of the treatment
  • In case of lateness on the part of the patient, the session may be shortened without any alteration to the tariff
  • Treatments include taking a case history, professional care and any necessary recovery time
  • In order to guarantee availability, I strongly recommend booking in advance for patients following regular treatments
  • Payment is to be made at the end of each session
  • It is possible to pay by cash, cards (excepted La Poste) and TWINT