Massage for children and babies

Massage for children and babies


Children, like anyone else, need moments of relaxation, balance and well-being.

This massage perfectly combines a moment of mental and physical relaxation with a gentle stimulation which enhances the effectiveness and the functioning of all the body's systems. It is recommended as a remedy against constipation, anxiety, colds and nausea. It also helps to reduce incontinence.

A parent's presence is obligatory throughout the massage which is given with neutral oils and powder so as to avoid allergies, irritation or any other skin reaction.

The product you habitually use is strongly recommended.

In case of sickness or any other health problem, a written authorisation from your paediatrician is required.


Massage for children (from 3 months to 16 years)
approx. 25 / 40 minutes
40.- / 64.-